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Pet Dental Care “Unmasks” Angel

Angel (left) before pet dentistry, and (right) shortly after. Notice the brown muzzle discoloration disappears! This is Angel. And this is the story of how pet dental care didn’t just improve her teeth, it changed her physical appearance. This picture illustrates what all veterinarians know: that proper pet dental care can affect much more than […]

Pet Dental Care–About More Than Just Cleaning Teeth

Pet dental care is an important part of overall pet health care. Did you know that… Dental disease is the single most frequently diagnosed infectious disease in pets?  Or that, by age 3, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have some form of dental disease? 70% of your pet’s teeth are hidden underneath the gum line […]

Confessions of a Doggie Doctor

Let’s face it. Charlie’s breath stank. My own labradoodle—the vet’s dog, for goodness sakes—could make a person want to wash their arms in Listerine after each affectionate greeting. Even more concerning, my husband mentioned that he showed indifference about going on his daily run and, at times, would lag behind and have to be tugged forward on his […]