Kirkland Pet Rescue Trust Begins Fall Fundraising Drive

The Critter Doctor Trust For Abandoned and Relinquished Pets (TARP) in Kirkland needs your tax-deductible donation today!  

Make your donation now so we can continue to help needy pets. It’s what makes it all possible!

What The TARP Does

Provides medical and surgical services and medical supplies, retains veterinary specialists, feeds, houses and adopts out homeless pets.

Some of you may not know that, in addition to being Kirkland veterinarians, we also run a trust fund that cares for abandoned or relinquished pets. Those of you who know us well may have noticed the colorful tile walls in the reception area and may know part of the story, the part about the ceramic art tiles that adorn the walls (individual tiles created by our clients in memory of their pets), the part about Critter Doctor’s donation to the fund when a client’s pet passes away, the part about the many sick and injured pets we’ve rehabilitated and found homes for over the years.

picture1But here’s the other part which few of you may know, the most important part of all:

We can’t do any of it without your help.

Your donations are crucial to our cause. Without them we can’t buy the medical supplies we need, consult with and hire the specialists required, or house and feed recovering pets for the many weeks, sometime months, needed to find them a home.

fundraising-blogWe’re not like National Public Radio (NPR) or other large fundraising organizations. We don’t have the luxury of saying things like “half of our support comes from listeners like you…”

We don’t have listeners.

We don’t have large corporate organizations that contribute that “other half”.

We have you.

Won’t you make a donation today? Help us sustain the human-animal bond while saving the life of a pet. These saved pets end up bringing joy and comfort to individuals and families alike.

The Critter Doctor TARP in Kirkland is a qualified 501(c)(3) charitable trust.